Monday, May 16, 2011

Unmatched Fishing

Moosehead Lake, known for its togue, trout and land-locked salmon offers bountiful open water fishing from May to October.  In the spring and fall the togue and trout are in the shallow waters, but during the warmer weather they lurk in the depths of the lake where the water is colder.  Some of the most famous old fishing grounds such as Norcross Point and Duck Cove are still available to the fisherman.  The West Branch of the Penobscot River is located one and a half miles from Raymonds Store. Some of the finest fly fishing in the Northeast is from Seboomook Dam to the Foxhole which are two popular hot spots located on the West Branch.  We are only three and a half miles from the boat launch for Lobster Lake which is where the trophy fish are hiding.  During the winter, ice fishing is the sport to try.  Norcross Point may be known for its salmon and togue but Green Island and its surrounding shoals is fast becoming famous for its trout.  Trout as large as seven pounds have been taken in this area of the lake. 

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